IQPAY make you Happy

as you benefit from our. We guarantee simplicity, transparency, and fair transaction costs.
Life is beautiful, and we all deserve to have peace of mind.



Get the movies, TV shows, apps, games, top-up your mobile balance and books you want, with no delay.


IQPay Electronic Voucher Distribution (EVD)

Affordable solution to distribute electronic vouchers such as prepaid cards, iTunes cards, top-up cards, Google Play, Facebook game cards, Amazon cards PlayStation cards, and much more. We provide different denominations for each type.

We provide vouchers through a range of POS machines and management solutions that connect with our backend servers. The encrypted PIN codes are received directly at the POS via a secure interface.

The decryption only takes place after the sales transaction has been successfully completed upon which the PIN code is printed on the receipt. This guarantees safe and easy handling of prepaid products while eliminating fraud, storage costs, and inventory bottlenecks.

How to use IQPAY?


We are expanding our services coverage . We aim to be reachable through out the country to serve you better.

Vision and Mission

Our mission is to make you happy as you benefit from our. We guarantee simplicity, transparency, and fair transaction costs. Life
is beautiful, and we all deserve to have peace of mind.

Our Core Values

Honesty and Fairness: We believe that fair treatment leads to trust and happiness in long-lasting relationships. We always follow the golden rule of treating others the way we want to be treated.

Simplicity: We work hard so that what we offer is simple and easy to use.
In a world full of complexity, simplicity is our way to bring peace of mind for everyone in and around our organization.

Innovation and Creativity: We continuously learn, improve, and innovate so that our stakeholders receive the best experience. Creativity and innovation is not our goal, but our way!

Flexibility: Flexibility for us doesn’t mean a lack of discipline; it is about having a variety of choices. We strive to give a variety of options to our customers. Our staff can work from their desired location as a cross functional global team that acts and reacts quickly and efficiently.

Diversity: Diversity is beautiful, and beauty is pleasant for everyone whois able to see and feel. We strive to have diversity not only within our organization but also within the customer base and suppliers.

Responsibility: We are responsible members of society. We care about the wellbeing of society and the environment. To us, giving back to mother nature and our community is not a favor, but a duty.


In line with our core values of IQPay which is fairness, our business model is based on value creation and fair distribution. That is why we involve partners in different stages of service delivery.

Service Point

Any shop that has a suitable place for a POS terminal and potential customers for gift cards can apply to become an IQPay service point. Those who become service points receive the POS terminal and can buy gift cards. The decision to accept an application depends on serval variables such as the estimated number of transactions, the suitability of the location, and opening hours.


A legal person with the ability and resources to manage point of sales and provide essential technical support for point of sales terminal can apply to become a distributor.




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